I'm releasing an album called 'Silence' (electronics / piano / singing)

Hey guys,

I finally got my ass in gear and am going to be releasing an album :slight_smile: Its called ‘Silence’ and is made up of solo piano songs with some electronics, synths and a bit of nice tape / analogue processing.

Clash music are currently hosting the preview streaming of the record: http://clashmusic.com/features/album-stream-tom-adam-silence

Its being released this friday as Vinyl, CD as well as the usual digital places like spottify / itunes etc…

Anyway, sorry its not mega OP1 related (i used the OP1 on one track ‘Sparks’ to make a beat) but im really happy to finally be putting out a record so wanted to share it with you guys!

I hope you enjoy it! :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. This is just beautiful!!! I wish you good luck with your release!

@Zach_Lambert - Thanks for having a listen, glad you enjoyed :slight_smile:

great news buddy.

will it be up on yr bandcamp?

really enjoyed the last record

Thanks @speckdrum.

I’m not sure if it will be on bandcamp. Im working with a record label for the first time so lots is out of my hands this time around, its really depends on what their distributers decide to go with :smiley: Its definitely going to be on spottify, itunes, amazon, bleep, etc…

that’s a shame.

good luck all the same.

Woo Hoo! Album release day :slight_smile:

You can buy it places of course, but here is a soundcloud link:


Hey Tom aka @aswefallintostatic

Firstly, let me say CONGRATULATIONS!!!
I’ve been salivating giving this record a listen. It is so dreamy. Definitely one that I would like to own on vinyl. Putting the needle down on a record and sitting back to enjoy it is something I adore. Your music is so powerful, moving, and deep that I could listen to this again and again years apart!

Well done, I doff my cap squire :slight_smile:

Edit: Your lyrics are beautiful. Are you inspired from real life events?

Just purchased. It’s so beautiful.

@HisMostDarxxxellent thank you man! I’m really glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:

Regarding Lyrics, i write from the heart for sure, but try to avoid literally translating any part of my life into a song format. I prefer to collect together lyrical ideas that resonate with me, then present them in a way that hopefully takes you somewhere particular without telling you what to think. It always bums me out when an artist tells you what a song is about because often if i related to something they were saying it was from my own experiences and perspective, and i feel kind of cheated to discover the song was actually about their cat or something :smiley:

I start listening :smiley:

I gave an interview in June’s issue of Music Radar magazine about the production process, the OP1 gets a shoutout :smiley:


Thank you so much for your reply. I actually have been meaning to ask you many more questions about your production. I’ve had a lot of fun guessing what you done to make the sounds.

I’m over the moon that you have explained in an interview about certain things… just about to read it now :slight_smile:

@HisMostDarxxellent - awesome :slight_smile:

Sounds really great. Congrats with fine realise!