Import audio sample (wavetable)

Hello everyone. I have had Teenage Engineering OP-1 for some time. However, I have one problem that I can’t deal with alone. I would like to import audio samples (wavetable) and I don’t know exactly how to do it. I have audio samples that I downloaded from Some import, and others receive a message:

“Failed to create synth patch”

In general, I would like to import my own samples.

From what I read, OP-1 imports sample 16 bit, aif 44100 Hz, Mono with metadata.
Some audio samples from contain metadata, while others do not. Both are imported, and some do not want to import at all.

How is it with these audio samples?

Your OP-1 is probably full of that kind of patch already, so you’ll need to delete ones you’re not using to make space for them.

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You’re right. It turns out that only ~ 14.8 MB of “wavetable” audio samples can be implemented.

Is there also a limit to the number of patches applied to other synthesis engines (Synth Engine, Cluster, Digital, DNA, DR Wave, DSynth, FM, Phase, Pulse, String)?

A bit strange because

The memory is still free:
Memory 383 MB
Free 93.3 MB
Used 290 MB

Yeah, there is a limit on the others as well, but they’re taken together. They’re divided up by size, so you have so many Synth patches (no audio data), so many Sampler (6s audio) and so many Drum kits (12s audio). I forget the exact numbers of each patch because they’ve changed once or twice during OS updates and I stopped keeping track.

I think the extra space might be reserved for other kinds of patches that you haven’t filled up yet.

Free memory remains even after filling everything (Sampler, Synth Engine, drum).

I filled up everything, I wanted to check how many OP-1 will accommodate individual patches.

~ 14.8 MB

Synth Engine
100 File
~ 6.25 MB

Drum, I do not know, because I filled it up and every time I try to connect via USB OP-1 in disk mode, the equipment hangs (out of memory).
It is possible to remove direct patches from OP-1. Or getting to the resources in a different way so that I can copy what I have so far on OP-1.
I would not like to lose what I have done so far, if I only have to restore to factory settings

For the sample-based patches, their sizes can vary but the system still limits them by number instead of by space used. There could be some other reasons they’ve reserved some of the extra space.

Some people on this forum are re-packing the firmware with custom art assets and I haven’t looked into it but I assume you can remove the stock patches this way too. That should free up some space, but I don’t know if it actually lets you add more patches.

As for it hanging… that’s not good. If you can’t get it to connect in disk mode you should email TE about it. There’s no way to delete files from the OS, you need to connect to a computer to do it.

In theory, if needed, you should be able to record each track into a DAW (remember to turn off master FX and the compressor), then save them back to the OP-1 after resetting the system, but it doesn’t always work from what I hear.

If the album is full you might be able to free up some space by recording shorter tracks to it. I don’t know if this will have any effect, since I think it pre-allocates the space. But it might be worth trying if you’re stuck.

I wrote to
teenage engineering support. We’ll see what they reply to me.

I am so wondering that after all it should be possible to connect in disk mode via the boot menu “te-boot”

For example, via boot menu (shift + 1), I can connect to disk mode but I only have access to logs, and not to patches.

Anyone know any shortcut that can be connected to disk mode via the boot menu to access patches?


Did you find a solution? I am also getting out of memory errors when trying to connect via usb in disk mode :frowning:

Unfortunately, support from TE did not solve the problem. I had to create the whole project anew. If you have a lot of patches installed, I suggest you backup data when adding new ones. I do it just in case.