Importing Sample then Using Different Synth Engines

Hi all

Hope its going well for you. Since buying the Op-1 i find that run into the occassional question that this forum is the best for answering.

This one is when i import a sample to snapshots folder. When i playback its always the Sampler engine on T1. Is there any way to use the other engines. I think it maybe a matter of recording the sample to S1-S8 buttons. Is this the answer? Or can i do something else.

Many thanks. Looking forward to the battles soon :wink:

Samples can only be used in the sampler engine.

You can assign any of the synth/sampler engines (or patches) on to any of the s1-s8 buttons. Just press shift and s1-s8 then select which engine you want on that space. S1-s8 are just like ‘favourites’, a way to have 8 patches immediately accessible with one button press… They aren’t individually tied to any synth etc. They’re just like recall slots. Like you can record a sample in sampler on s7 then save it as snapshot and open it on s3 or wherever you like.

Not sure I’m explaining very well… Hope it helps tho…

Thanks callofthevoid. The thought was i could do more with the sample if i could use the different engines.