In search of the psyche

Holà !
I’m searching for an effect pedal for a while. Principally, I would like to use it with my few synths to make drone, ambiant, psychedelic sounds. I’ve decided then to check the Reverb and Delay pedals ! (with looper if possible).
But there is so much choice ! And I know nothing about these little things. I’ve seen the TC Electronics T2, TC Electronics Flashback (and flashback X4), Boss DD-7.
I know you are many people there using many pedals :slight_smile:

So what do you think about it ? Have you other advices ?

Hey Buddy,

i’ve seen some nice footage of the Jomox T-Resonator. It’s really what you are looking for. little crackling is getting HUGE with this Box.

Stereo in/out aswell. …it sounds like it can damage everything if you’re not be careful with it. which is cool and really inspiring. ;()

My current research (for a microbrute):

Earthquaker devices Dispatch master
Zcat delay reverb
Keely caverns

Alle delay reverb combo pedals…

Or maybe the boss terraecho?

@quarantequatre I use pedals a lot! The Flashback (and the x4 version) are great and the Hall of Fame (also TC Electronics) is also a really good and cheap reverb which covers the basics of hall, plate, room and spring very well.

A lot of guitar pedals don’t have stereo outs (TC stuff above does) - if this isn’t an issue then you will have more choices available to you.

My favourite delay pedal is the Echo Dream 2 by Death by Audio which is certainly on the more psychedelic (60’s) end of the delay spectrum (I also use their Reverberation Machine which is amazing).

Its also worth checking out the Caroline Guitar Company Kilobyte delay and Meteore reverb which are similar to the Death by Audio pedals but both have a freeze function for generating ambient swells on the fly.

A lot of people are very much taken with the Strymon pedals. They sound fantastic and are certainly worth a listen but they are not quite my thing.

Forget everything. There is only one pedal.

Eventide Space is all !!

You could also go for H9 and get Space algorithms (but you’d need MIDI controllers cause it’s almost knobless)

EDIT : wow @JohnnyEgo the T-Resonator seems huge !

Wow ! Thanks for all your coms :slight_smile:
All these little things are beautiful… The T-Resonator seems huge, totally agree with that @lyingdalai ! And stereo :smiley:

@LAUNE have you tried these pedals ?

@wolflegjon All TCs are stereo ? Only out ?

@quarantequatre Both the Flashback and the Hall of Fame can run in mono or stereo inputs/outputs but i’m not sure if you get stereo if you only input a mono source into them. Neither are in the same league as the Eventide Space, they are good solid workhorse type pedals and really good value.

@LAUNE Earthquaker make great pedals. I have the Rainbow Machine which is incredible, especially when used subtly. I borrowed the Dispatch Master a while ago and didn’t want to give it back!

I’d love to have a weekend with the T-Resonator. It looks insane, but in the best possible way…
(wow it's 600 now ?)
You can get it used for 450€ (still expensive, I know) but it's really an out-of-space FX, I would NEVER get rid of mine !!
Plus you can control it with MIDI, which is pretty cool if you have say an Octatrack or other MIDI plocking devices ^^

As is it's already crazy what you can come up with :

That’s an awesome box I agree :slight_smile:
Just a bit expensive for me… And sadly I don’t have any Elektron gear, or midi things ^^

Does someone have a demo of the Jomox T-Resonator ?
What I’ve seen on YT isn’t very convincing …


Really wondering about the T Resonator, and the Eventide Space (even if eventide is using Ilok for the plugs and I really don’t like that…)…

What do you think about the Oto BIM ? I remember some OP1ers had one, and this seems really awesome and gorgeous !
But maybe it’s more limited for making what i’m searching for…

Neunaber does some ace fx. And in stereo. I also love the catalinbread belle epoch which is an emulation of the echoplex ep3.

On YouTube look for as channel called knobs. Great reviews of delay/reverby pedals and others.

(Disclaimer - I use a neunaber wet and the catalinbread!!)

I just bought the Neunaber Slate set up as the Seraphim. It sounds awesome.

One of the interesting things about the Neunaber product line is that the v2 stereo series pedals are all identical hardware but come with different DSP firmware installed. Using their Pedal-Customizer software on a Mac/PC you can reconfigure the pedal with different software or tweak the parameters over a USB connection.

So basically if you buy just one pedal, you get access to their full product range.

@duncmc - and if you get the exp pedal you can load several pedals/presets in one!

I have both the T-Resonator and an Eventide Space. With the Space, you can get a lot of different atmospheric sounds from your synths. It’s an amazing pedal.

The T-Resonator - however - is not only an fx box but can be played as an instrument. The stereo filter and different feedbacks loops can give anything from subtle modulation to total sound destruction and sub-bass noise. Also, you can feed the left channel into the right and use it as a twin delay / reverb.
Sure - it’s not a moog filter and the digital fx chip is leagues below the eventides or strymons, but there’s a lot to explore for the price.

I’ll try to find time to make a short video if your’re interested.

This one might be interesting for you: Monotron Delay through oto biscuit - t-res - space:

The montron delay is great, its got such a great crunchy vibe to it!

The belle epoch is another splendid pedal, excellent echoplex vibe. The Oto BIM has been on the want list i have in my head for quite a while now, theres something in that 12bit sound that I really like.

The montron delay is great, its got such a great crunchy vibe to it!

The belle epoch is another splendid pedal, excellent echoplex vibe. The Oto BIM has been on the want list i have in my head for quite a while now, theres something in that 12bit sound that I really like.

I think 12bit holds the fort when it comes to modern day productions of the pop like composition. It fills the space like a a hand to a glove.

Damn you, now I have a serious gearlust for the Neunaber stereo series… =)