Input and keyboard bug on OP-1

Hey guys. I’m not sure how to type out this issue so please bare with me.
I just received my new op-1 today and I’m already running into issues. In synth mode I began to play chords and mess around with sounds. As I was doing this an X would display on the screen then it would switch to what looked like a microphone icon. Then sometimes completely switch to the radio input and start recording on its own. So far I’ve tried a factory reset and a firmware update. The tech team at Sweetwater is currently trying to figure out a solution but im a bit impatient. I got this as a birthday gift to myself and I just want to play on it haha. If anyone can help me out that would be great.

It feels like you’re hitting the microphone button that turns on/off the mic.

Have you read the manual?

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So after playing with it for awhile I noticed that its the first “C” key on the keyboard that’s triggering the microphone or radio.
I haven’t read the manual yet.

Feels like a bug… If I were you I would contact Teenage Engineering support asap.
Or return the OP-1 if you can exchange it against a working one.

And in the meantime, read the manual :wink:

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Just finished reading it. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Sent it back and got a new one on the way! Should be here Wednesday!

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That’s a bummer that you got a dud, but don’t let it wane the excitement. Just bad luck.

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