Inspiration Anytime and Anywhere


I am reading though a very old friends posts on Facebook. He is doing epic things and I think you guys would love his expeditions. He has completed quite a few journeys like paddling the Mississippi, swan Lake Windermere, and stand up paddle boarding the River Severn from source to sea. He’s been one of my best friends since I knew him at the age of seven. He’s been in all my classes, moved close to me before our teenage years, and this time I actually felt petrified, anxious, and any other adjective that is associated with ‘shit your pants’ for him. He is paddling the Mahaweli in Sri-Lanka from source to sea and then he will paddle around the whole of the island. Kev is an adventurer and albeit a crazy one!
Reading his blog has given my brain a little bit of rest bite from it’s non-stop musical tendencies.

You should check it out :slight_smile:

Type Kev Brady into your Facebook search bar and when you come across a profile of him and group of others Stand Up Paddleboarding at Gloucester docks hit the follow button. It’s amazing!

I guess he’s a vagabonder?

I’m reading the book Vagabonding by Rolf Potts. Sounds like an intriguing lifestyle.