Integrating OP-1 in live setup

Hello everyone,

since i’ve realized that i amassed quite some gear by now, i thought it would be fun to go hardware only and leave the laptop at home the next time i’m going to make live music.

That’s what i got by now:
- TE OP-1
- Nord Lead A1
- Arturia MicroBrute
- iPad (for soft synths)
- Ableton live as sequencer

That’s what i plan to add soon:
- PO-12 (…maybe later than soon)
- hardware sequencer (as a replacement for ableton)

Until now i used my OP-1 as a stand alone workstation only, but i’m thinking about using it as kind of a drum machine. How would i sync that with e.g. my Nord A1? Is there any way of storing multiple patterns in the built in pattern sequencer, or how could i stack up drum sounds live? Please be creative, every idea is highly apreciated!

thank you for your input!