Internal mic not working

I received delivery of a brand new OP-1 yesterday and it seems the internal mic isn’t working, it picks up sound when you run the hole, but even at 20dB gain you need to be 5mm away for it to register.

I’ve emailed support but yet to hear any response, and the distributor says to talk to TE Direct.
Any advice from those who may have experienced similar would be appreciated.

I had a broken mic on a used unit. The mic was very quiet. I replaced the iO board for about 50 Eur from ifixit.

Thanks @dinraum. I did see those and may have to resort to it. Unfortunately this is a brand new unit and that would invalidate warranty, yet TE are not answering my emails which is very disappointing. I know they’re a small company but their support seems abysmal and very unprofessional.

In your case I would of course wait for TE to answer. Since the fix is really simple they could just send you the replacement board.

@CreativeLemming did you ever find out more on this? I have a used unit and I’m experiencing the same issues. I’m wondering if some of the issue is software.