Internal speaker of OP-Z makes cracking sound for deeper frequencies

I have question to the internal speaker of the op-z when compared to the line-out or using headphones:
For deeper frequencies the internal speaker does not reproduce e.g a chord sound or drum but plays a sharp “cracking” sound at the beginning of the sound and the chord or drum sound is nearly inaudible.
If I’m playing step by step higher frequencies, the cracking sound vanishes at the beginning as higher the frequencies get and I finally hear the sound as expected. If I’m doing the same using the headphones via line-out I get the chord or drum sound as expected for all frequencies.

Is this a normal behavior? Do I expect too much from the small internal speaker? I tried to find some hints in the web or in this forum but their seems to be no issues with the internal speaker otherwise.

Any hint would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Check your levels. Hold Shift +mixer

I think this is perfectly normal behaviour and what is to be expected from such a small speaker. In short, for good bass sound one needs big speakers to move some air. The cracking sound you are hearing is probably just the initial transient of the sound of e.g. the bass drum, whereas the low frequencies are physically filtered out because of the tiny speaker size. But it is still useful though.

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Thanks a lot for the fast responses.
Today I also got some reply from the shop where I bought the op-z. They compared my sound output of one of the factory-projects to one of their in-stock devices and there were no differences. This fits to the response of ghoder. Probably I will then use headphones or connect it to my hifi system.

Thanks again

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