iOS apps as wireless MIDI controllers

Folks, I’ve been trying to use wireless MIDI with my iPad with partial success.

- I’ve been able to send MIDI wirelessly from my Mac to the iPad no problem.
- However, in order to use iPad apps as a wireless MIDI controller, I’ve not been able to get MIDI sent from the iPad to my Mac.

iOS apps I’m using are Roli and Xynthesizr.

Could anyone shed any light please?



Problem with wireless MIDI solved (I think).

Have been able to use Xynthesizr as a controller using MIDI over WiFi, patching either via the Network panel in Apple’s native Audio/MIDI Setup Utility or by using Patchbay.

I think Roli 5D can’t transmit MIDI.

And I think I haven’t got an iOS app which supports sending MIDI over Bluutooth.