iOS / OP-1 Audio Interface

Hi all,

I’m looking for an iOS audio interface that will allow me to listen to the audio from both BeatMaker3 and the op-1 as well as recording the op-1s output.

(For example - I can make a drum beat in BM3, listen to this in the headphones and also to the op-1, and tinker with the op-1 to find a melody/bass line, whilst recording the op-1 audio output).

I do have an iConnect Audio4, which is great for my home recording needs and does exactly what i need, but I want something which has a much smaller form factor, something I can keep in the backpack, use at a coffee shop or whilst travelling.

Don’t mind having to use a wall wort, but would prefer something that I can use with out. I also have the Apple CCK, which is great for using with the op-1 to control iOS synths.

I have been looking at the following -

Roland Go:Mixer
Ik Multimedia IRIG Pro I/O
Line6 sonic port

I’ve been doing a bit of research on the web on the above devices and much of the information seems to be guitar focused and, i’ll be honest, a little confusing. Also a lot of the information on the web seems outdated.

Do you have any opinions on the 3 devices I’ve mentioned?

Would they work for my needs?

What are the pros and cons?

And, are there any others devices I should consider?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t know about the devices you’re mentioning,
but I got a Roland Duo Capture Ex that works flawlessly as audio interface between iPad and the Op1, plus has midi I/O and it’s battery powered.

Don’t know about the devices you’re mentioning, but I got a Roland Duo Capture Ex that works flawlessly as audio interface between iPad and the Op1, plus has midi I/O and it’s battery powered.

Hey Thanks rumorazzi, I’ve heard good things about this unit, if I didn’t already have the iConnect that would be something to consider. I’m just looking for something really small to grab to audio, something I can keep in the backpack without having to worry too much about it.

If you want pure mobile simplicity you could take a look at’s RK-003 passive mixer: RK-003 Passive Mixer - Retrokits

It’s actually meant for connecting a bunch of Volca’s, but this would work in any similar setup. Drawbacks are obvious, but if you need something really simple that doesn’t even need power or a charge and is really small, this should be an option for you.

Digitally recording the audio through it isn’t an option though.

And yes, I own one. :slight_smile:

Hi SkullHQX

Thanks for the suggestion. What I’m looking for is something that will take the op-1 audio into the iPad Daw. It’s not clear but the retrokits seem to be audio only mixers. But they are neat looking devices, so thanks for the suggestion.


Hello Carlstep.

You could take a look at the Behringer UCA202. With the Apple camera connection kit that should do exactly what you want. Jacob Haq made a nice video about it: - YouTube

It is bus powered by your iPad (but you can’t simultaneously charge your iPad) and has some extra connectivity. Furthermore it is very cheap while still sounding good. Did I mention it is cheap already? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Stupid thing is… I also have one of these but never connected it to my iPad. I use it on a Raspberry Pi based Squeezebox player and use its optical out to connect to a Behringer DEQ 2496 processor / equalizer.

There is also a Behringer UFO202 that is slightly different. It has no optical interface but instead its Line In can be switched to Phono In, which is nice if you want to record vinyl records.

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The Go Mixer does not allow you to split up what’s coming out of the iOS device from what’s plugged into it. It does not behave like an audio interface. If you’re trying to record OP1 while monitoring a drum beat, it will record the drum beat and OP1 through the input. It’s maddening. The Go Mixer’s main purpose is to have good audio for video recorded on the device. It’s also decent for a live solution in some aspects.

hey mrbernard, thanks for that info. i wasn’t sure if the GoMixer could do what i wanted, but thanks for clarifying.

2 weeks ago I posted a request for some help. I was looking for an audio interface to use with BM3 and my OP-1 and I wanted record the output of the op-1 directly to BM3 using a small unit. Many people responded with suggestions and I would like to thank the community for their help.

Anyway, I went for the Zoom u22. It really does suit my needs. It’s a little more bulky than I would have liked, but it delivers everything I wanted. And the sound quality is amazing.

Using it with BM3 was extremely simple, the app immediately recognised the u22 and was available to select.

Thanks to those that gave me advice. Anyone have any questions about the Zoom U22 I will try to answer.


@carlstep Nice find! Phantom power might be useful as well. And I do like the price. Let us know how you like it after you have used it some more.

I’ve been looking for something portable, bus-powered and with phantom power to feed my DI-box. The U-22 looks like a perfect candidate. Does it show only one channel in iOS, or can you record/process the line-in & mic/instrument inputs separately?

Have a Look at Loopmaster for the iPad will solve Most of your Issues

So whats the best box for op-1 to ipad AND getting the op-1 and Kordbot to be friends too? Like an ipad audio interface with a snazzy kenton midi box built in?

I use the Apogee Duet to achieve this. It is pricey, but sounds amazing and having a usb to plug the OP-1 into is great!

@jonesy_op Maybe the Arturia Audiofuse?

Expensive beast though…

A further update

Zoom u22
Works with out battery or dedicated wall wort if using the Apple cck with lightning Apple power supply.

Using trs is stereo with gain control.
LINE IN is stereo no gain control.

*in BM3 there is an I/O option, choose from 3 options for input 1&2, 1, 2. I’m gonna explore this some more.

If the BM3 audio channel has fx, the recorded audio has the fx. You record what you hear in the headphones. Makes for some really interesting sounds and loops.

For me, the u22, op-1 and BM3 are the holy trinity of a mobile studio.

  • I also have cubasis and GarageBand but haven’t yet explored the possibilities with these apps.

Hey I checked the specs, and apparently you can only record using the minijack line in or the XLR/TRS at a time:

*The U-22 can record one input at a time. When recording from the LINE IN jack, the XLR/TRS combo input is disabled.


A bit of a bummer but not necessary a dealbreaker for me.

I appreciate some people need more inputs but this isn’t a problem for me.

Can’t remember if I already posted but Roland Duo Capture Ex has been solid for me. Paid £60 on eBay. Takes batteries. Pretty small footprint + Midi i/o + stereo in/out or split inputs (I think) + phantom power (I think). The midi i/o has come in handy in a few setup variations. Worth considering for an ‘all in one’ thing to have laying around.

@Callofthevoid: Yeah that’s a great option for me, thanks. There’s one for sale near me for 65e, I think I’ll go for that one!