iPad + Op-Z + Op-1 + more

Hi all,

So I’ve been mind boggling and I do not know where to start or how to setup.
I use a USB Hub with the iPad as the master. I’ve connected an Op-Z, an Op-1, a Kordbot and a NTS-1 into it, all hardware devices go to a PB3 mixer and go via de main out to the microphone input of the iPad.

I got multiple programs like AUM, Audioshare and Beatmaker 3 and Cubasis but the real question is: How can I midi sync them all together having the iPad as a master and the rest as a slave? So syncing as clock but also to be able to play these units with one device(I will get a Roli Lumi soon, would be great to use the Lumi to play the Op-1 and NTS and Op-Z)

I hope somebody knows!

I am somehow certain that I wouldn’t need a retrokits but maybe I am wrong? Any help is appreciated into getting my mini-studio complete!

Audiobus on the iPad has great midi sync. That should take care of it.

Great! Could you maybe help me a little bit, I bought audiobus but I find it quite difficult to understand

re: anyone has some step by step idea how to be able to have all synced up and recordable into the ipad?

So far I have iPad with a Lightning camera usb hub powered and the op1 and the opZ connected to the powered usb hub.

Should I use the bluetooth midi in the iPad with AUM or Audiobus?
Im kinda lost…

Also I was thinking to have the opz going into the op1 input and then have a way to record the op-1 into the ipad

In that case audiobus might be a bit of an overkill. If you a ready have AUM (which can only send midi clock to 1 device afaik) there is a handy app called midi link sync that can sync midi devices to ableton link (which it receives from AUM). I use it all the time. Works great.

But also in the BeatMaker 3 midi section there is a way to sync all connected midi devices. Just activate it in the out section and check the sync box for each.
Make sure to start/stop your devices a few times. Sometimes it takes a bit to get everything running.

Ah, and forget about syncing with Bluetooth. Will only bring frustration.

thanks makes it clear.

id like to record my op1 and opz in cubasis or beat maker. i know the opz will be recognized and can be an interface (ch. 1/2). so I could have the op-1 audio out into the op-z via digdugdiy his trrs split thing. and then i need aum to clock all with ipad?

i am not sure which id like as midi clock. i heard op-1 is impossible to slave it, and op-z as master is nice due to its midi usage in the apps right?

Recording op-1 through op-z should work.
In your scenario it’s best to use BM3 as midi clock.
Take care of ground loops if everything is connected via USB and audio. Disable charging on both the 1 and the Z. Maybe get an isolator.
And be patient: the reason I sold my op-1 some years ago was indeed the terrible midi implementation. But I didn’t keep track. Maybe things changed. (Besides that it is an amazing device) just try all sorts of plugging/powering up orders if it doesn’t work at first.

did you manage to succeed? i would like to do something similar. I dream about an ultra portable setup, just missig digduy trrs device now and not sure which app to buy for midi setup. I have only cubasis 3 now. Could you please share your step by step instruction?

No I did not manage.

Whaty I could see as a possibility is :slight_smile:
iPad connected via USB Host to Op-Z.

Op-Z input from the Op-1. This was you can use the Op-Z channel L/R in lets say Cubasis and record the Op-Z aswell as the Op-1.

I do not know how to clock both devices.

Thanks, i hoped you managed it and does this workaround setup work for you? I understand it is a tradeoff.I hope someone will release a portable digital mixing unit which can take as a source of input usb outputs from devices such as opz, tr06…etc plus classic analog inputs and is recognizable in ipad. Such device will be dope when it has 4 usb in and 8 analog in and be able to be powered via usb.