iPad + Op-Z + Op-1 + more

Hi all,

So I’ve been mind boggling and I do not know where to start or how to setup.
I use a USB Hub with the iPad as the master. I’ve connected an Op-Z, an Op-1, a Kordbot and a NTS-1 into it, all hardware devices go to a PB3 mixer and go via de main out to the microphone input of the iPad.

I got multiple programs like AUM, Audioshare and Beatmaker 3 and Cubasis but the real question is: How can I midi sync them all together having the iPad as a master and the rest as a slave? So syncing as clock but also to be able to play these units with one device(I will get a Roli Lumi soon, would be great to use the Lumi to play the Op-1 and NTS and Op-Z)

I hope somebody knows!

I am somehow certain that I wouldn’t need a retrokits but maybe I am wrong? Any help is appreciated into getting my mini-studio complete!

Audiobus on the iPad has great midi sync. That should take care of it.

Great! Could you maybe help me a little bit, I bought audiobus but I find it quite difficult to understand

re: anyone has some step by step idea how to be able to have all synced up and recordable into the ipad?

So far I have iPad with a Lightning camera usb hub powered and the op1 and the opZ connected to the powered usb hub.

Should I use the bluetooth midi in the iPad with AUM or Audiobus?
Im kinda lost…

Also I was thinking to have the opz going into the op1 input and then have a way to record the op-1 into the ipad

In that case audiobus might be a bit of an overkill. If you a ready have AUM (which can only send midi clock to 1 device afaik) there is a handy app called midi link sync that can sync midi devices to ableton link (which it receives from AUM). I use it all the time. Works great.

But also in the BeatMaker 3 midi section there is a way to sync all connected midi devices. Just activate it in the out section and check the sync box for each.
Make sure to start/stop your devices a few times. Sometimes it takes a bit to get everything running.

Ah, and forget about syncing with Bluetooth. Will only bring frustration.