Is anyone selling replacement Keycaps?!?!

I broke my 5th black key on the OP-1 keyboard. I cant really afford to replace the whole keyboard just for the one key. If anyone is selling on i will happily pay.

I’m also worried that because there is now an empty space, the other key are more vulnerable. Anyone have any experience with this? Should i worry?

Where are you based?

@Ciaran Im based in the UK (london)

Ah im in Australia. If worse comes to worse let me know

I have a new, never used & tested op-1 keyboard for sale. 100 eur + shipping (~15p) and it could be yours. It comes without the first A# key (although I could get you one). I also have another used (but 100% functional) op-1 keyboard with 2 slightly misprinted keys but I haven’t thought about selling that one…

There is also someone in Berlin selling recplacement Keycaps.

I think the little butterfly clip thing broke on one of my keys… anyone know if these parts available on their own ?