Is Crank worth it?

I’ve been really enjoying my OP-1 so far, and the Crank has gotten my attention.

Is it really worth it? Do you actually use it to make music? I’d hate to spend $20 for something that’s fun for a few minutes and then no more than a novelty.

IME, the crank is the most useful accessory. they are all kind of novelty, but i use mine every now and then.

u can make also make one pretty easily w/ a lego wheel and some super glue

I use it periodically, but not an amazing amount. I got mine for $14 or something with free shipping, via eBay. Proaudiostar I believe.

crank is the ONLY accessory worth having.

Shapeways will 3d print the op1 accessories for cheap

Cool. It’s $14 with free shipping from Sweetwater, I’m going to give it a whirl.

I’m a fanboy so I needed all the accessories and the little pouch. I never really use them, but ya, everyone should at least have a crank. It’s useful for time to time. I actually really enjoy the bender, its not that practical, but fun to jam on. Never used the Lego ones.

I’m waiting that a crank, a bender and an antenna arrive here. Just received a grey strap kit and a green accessory wallet. Also waiting for a green soft case. I think the crank could be fun for sure, maybe also useful :slight_smile:

Looking forward to some happy cranking. I just ordered the handgun case several people on here recommended as well.

Crank really does make it possible to do something with OP-1 that you could not do without it: can’t continuously turn a knob with your hand for several rotations (unless you walk around or do something extreme…). So in that sense it is useful and unique. Other accessories not so much.

The effect you see in this video couldn’t really be achieved without the Crank:

I’ve used the bender more than the crank, but neither of them that much… Still, recommend them both, they’re fun! =)

Only if you pronounce it “krhonk”.

I got Crank, Bend, and a couple strap loops 3D-printed from Shapeways, and I can safely NOT recommend going this route. After two sessions of minor use with the faux-crank, the material it is made of has shaved away to the point that it no longer grips the knobs, rendering it useless. I’m sure the faux-Bend will suffer a similar fate, and this makes me scared to even try the printed strap loops at all!

Crank is absolutely worth it. Bender needs better thought on how to mount the spring.