Is everybody here getting the PO's?

I’m still on the fence- they look cool but I’m not sure if I really need them, am I crazy?

This should be interesting… being on a TE forum and all. :slight_smile:

No harm in trying just 1… They are quite cheap all things considered…

Nah dude. I’m not interested in them either. I got an OP1 and I’m happy.

I’d like to get them but they’re just too dang small for my taste. I keep trying to like these small tools but I end up selling them because I just don’t jive with them. Same with the iPad… soooo many cool apps, but at the end of the day, I’m just tired of daintily tapping the screen (and I’ve never had any consistant luck with getting quality audio in/out, and the MIDI in/out is always fiddly). Looking hard at the demo’s of peeps using the PO’s, those knobs are hella small as are the buttons. So I’ll probably just save my money for the Microsampler-sized OP-2 when it’s released :wink:

Nope. I think they’re neat but not really something I’d use. I love my OP-1 and would never part with it (and would replace it if necessary).

I’m also on the fence. Nothing against TE, it’s more about my desire to generally own less stuff.

Also, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the OP-1, so I kind of feel like I need to “earn” the right to buy future musical toys, if that makes any sense.

I kind of agree with @22tape about ipad apps and overly small products, but on the other hand there are a few apps that I use occasionally and a few small products that I use a fair bit, and I think the key point is how they handle as to how much I will use them, space is always an issue for me so if they don’t work for me they go, so anyway I ordered the set of PO’s, I figure that for the money I spent and based on how they sound and how the UI looks simple, it is not too much of a gamble.

I’m also keen to own less stuff, problem is I’m shit at deciding, though I just sold my beatstep, KPE, microsampler and microkorg, and I have a bunch of other stuff heading out the door when I get round to it.

I see the PO’s as fun little live jam machines, so on that score I hope they will work for me.

I’m a vintage video game nerd and a music gear nerd, so three new video game synths/drum machines for under 200 bucks. I’m just blown away really. There is of course no confirmation that there is a working game, although CDM has hinted at it. I would have probably bought these if they were just the game. Throw in some cool TE instruments and ya, I mean this product was designed for people like me. And priced for anybody, would make nice gifts, to give or put on your wish list!

I ordered all three. These will be of more use to me than some of my more expensive gear. Sub sounds promising and I don’t think I’m alone in my disappointment at what the OP-1 can do for bass. It can do some nice things with bass, but there’s only so far you can go without a better filter… which is what sold me on the factory.

I hate to buy gear only to dump it later. Everything I own has it’s own unique purpose, although I’d like to trade up on some stuff. Since the POs won’t disrupt that I figure it means I’m lacking in these areas and being so cheap… well there’s no question really.

A big plus is the OP-1’s portability changed a lot for me. It’s not that I make tunes on public transit or whatever, but just being able to use it in impromptu fashion made everything tactile. The POs have that going for them.

Does anyone know what the buttons are like? They look like tact switches which are… kinda clicky. It might be tricky to tap out a beat like that so I can sympathize with the live-play issues. I’m getting ideas for connecting leads to the 16 trigger switch contacts and using a r.pi to activate them with gpio and just have that convert some external midi to gpio.

I don't think I'm alone in my disappointment at what the OP-1 can do for bass.

True, thankfully it does Sub Bass really well with the FM synth and I lean towards that sound. However I’ve been trying to switch it up lately.

Thanks for the answers everybody, lots to think about

@el_wombato kinda feel the same way. Lot’s left to explore with the op1. But I figured since these are so cheap, what the hell. It cost as much as a video game =)

For me these units are just for fun. So is the OP-1. I only bought the PO-12. The reason not to buy the trinity is that I never know what to ask for my birthday. :wink: well, a problem is solved by TE again.

My birthday is coming up so didn’t order all of them hoping my gf picks up my obvious wishes =)

Well, fortunately it doesn’t need to be my birthday to fulfill ‘the obvious wishes’ :smiley:

Nope. I do not hink i will use it. I have the op-1, Ableton suite and Push, so enough to play with.

I’m not…I just don’t see myself using any of them.
They seem redundant after the OP-1…and I think I’d end up sitting on one and breaking it.

I have no desire but if i was asked 10 years ago i’d bought all three in a blink. I was heavily into Mouse on Mars and more of a noisier, glitchier palette. Plus the idea of showing up to a cafe shoppe on an open mic night would have felt so awesome. Actually that latter aspect still sounds appealing to me :slight_smile: Dressing up all nerdy and Kraftwerk-like with two other buddies for the other two devices and perform standing up.

And as far as certain synths lacking in bass, i stopped believing that the more better I got with mixing and sound design. If my bass isn’t cutting through the mix, then i have too much going on in the mid-range with my other instruments. Just my 2¢

@Blipsford_Baubie that’s fine if you are happy with the kind of bass you can produce on the OP-1 (or whatever.) The low frequencies are certainly there with the OP-1. The problem is getting other characteristics at the same time. I could get a really great sound with Pulse, for example, if only I had a better filter and an extra EG to control it. You could use a sample but then the filter comes apart when you play different notes.