Is it normal for the OP-1 to have a lower frame rate when doing certain tasks?

Not sure if it is the general hardware limitation or unique to mine - I got my OP-1 a little over a week ago and found the frame rate starts slowing down to below 30fps (estimate) when:

- Using the string synth (with the green parameter turned up with looser strings)
- Using the cluster synth (with the blue parameter turned up)
- Recording when there are already tracks in the tape
- Cutting/pasting tracks (sometimes)

Is this just to be expected? It’s not particularly bothering, just something I noticed :slight_smile:

It’s expected if there’s a lot going on. IMHO it’s a good thing though: It means the audio processing is running at a higher priority than the UI.

Ah, as long as the audio processing isn’t affected then it’s not a problem :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m afraid this is in line with other reports on the forum.
No, definitely not to be expected, what were TE thinking? :frowning: surely not one of A: graphics are important and so is fps, or B: graphics aren’t important so should make way for functional interfaces.
But in the end - nevermind unless it glitches, there isn’t a better OP1 or something…

I experience the same issue having several tracks on tape and using DSYNTH real time. Or sometimes in cases when G is set as the modulation source. The tape gets sluggish as the FPS is dropped significantly.


I know what you mean. However the OP-1 is designed to look beautiful, but what it’s supposed to do is create sound. I think it’s cool that they gave more power to sound synthesis etc than graphics. It’s a limited processor so they need to make compromises. I’d rather have good sound and shit GFX than the other way round. :slight_smile: As a software developer I approve.