Is it possible to chain mute groups?

I’m chaining patterns for a track I’m working on, but I’d like to return to a pattern, and have a different mute group when it goes back there. Is that possible?
Pattern 1 bass and drums
Pattern 2 bass and drums
Pattern 1 bass drums and keys.
That sort of thing.

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Typically I just change the mute group just before switching patterns.

Pattern 1 mute group 1, manually switch to mute group 2 half a second before going to pattern 2, then when I go back to pattern 1, I’m on group 2,

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Yeah that makes sense. Does the app you shared above control mute groups for the motion track, or does it utilise the motion track to control mute groups on audio tracks?

My understanding is that it allows you to sequence the audio mute groups with the video motion track.