Is the lift/drop vanishing clips etc worse on beta than old OS?

I only had very short time on old OS but on the beta I’m regularly losing clips next to the ones I lift. The audio remains and if I record silence on each track then I have visible blocks again. Sketches me out each time they vanish tho and hassle to record 4 x silence when it happens. Thinking about trying the old OS if it wasn’t so much of a problem before?

has anyone been able to give concrete steps on how to reproduce the problem? I doubt this has been properly reported to TE even.

Happening pretty often here. 3 times today and I didn’t do a lot of lifting during session so that’s bad enough odds for it to be at the back of my mind every time I lift now. 2 times I lost segments on 4 tracks, 1 time I lost segment on only 1 track.

Not totally sure of the circumstances each time. I’ll try to reproduce it intentionally later tonight. But basically if I have a 4 bar loop followed immediately by a separate 4 bar loop, then often I’m losing blocks (to the eye. The audio remains) within both loops when lifting. Even though the blocks aren’t joined and the loop region is only set to 4 bars…

Just wondering if I should bail on the beta. Anyone know if this isn’t as big a problem in the old OS?

Are you guys able to list the steps it takes to reproduce this? I know people on the forum have reported this before and it would be really helpful if you could give the exact steps you’re taking when this behaviour happens. Also, any pics of the screen when this happens would be great.

I’ve seen it a few times, not enough to exactly know what causes it.

From my memory (which may be incorrect), it happens with shift+lift (loop section lift). Maybe it has to do with clips not exactly lining up with the loop points.