Is the OP-Z able to output midi with relative data (as in the OP-1)?

I’m making generative visuals (unrelated to what is possible with the op-z) and I’m using hardware controllers to tune some parameters using MIDI CC messages.

Now the OP-1 is able to output “relative” data, that is, the endless encoders are literally endless (I get CC messages that are either 0 or 127, so I can then modify my parameters accordingly). Now I was not able to find the same setting on the OP-Z, does anyone know if that’s possible? I really like the feel of the encoders on the OP-Z…

Thanks in advance!

In the mean time, since the OP-Z also receives CC messages, I’ve solved my problem by “resetting” the value of the encoders every time I receive a different value. That is, every I get a CC message, I send the same CC message back, but setting the value at 64. Now the encoders give me a relative value so to speak (either 63 or 65).

If anyone was having the same problem…

Note that some channels will not set their value accordingly. I’m using the Motion track, and it appears that changing the CC for the 0 parameter is ignored.

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You’re a genius for doing this feedback reset on the encoders!

How did you get it to reset like that?

I want to use the OP-Z to control some DJ software on my macbook. For a super portable controller, but I want the encoders to be like DJ jog wheels.

I’d tried in the past, but the OP-Z was not outputting an endless feed, so wouldn’t work as a jog wheel in DJ Pro

Here is actually what I am doing:

On every new CC message from the OP-Z I get (I’m using the Motion Track, so it’s 191 - Parameter - Value), I am sending a CC message to the OP-Z to set the same parameter to 64 (so 191-Parameter-64). I don’t know how easy that is to program on the software you are using. (fwiw, I’m making my own visuals mostly from scratch, so I’m able to do what I want with that regard.)

Now I need to see which value I got on the first message: it can only be 65 or 63 (well sometimes if you’re very fast you can get 62 or 66), so I use value-64 to change whatever parameter I need in my software.

The trick is that somehow there is some midi echo (I’m not sure if I disabled it in the settings), so you need to not reply to the message that says that the parameter has been set to 64.

I hope that clarifies the logic here, but then again I guess it’s all about how easy you can program that.

Now I think there might be existing plugins or else to remap MIDI controllers, but I haven’t looked as I don’t need one, maybe find something to

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Thanks :slight_smile:

What software did you use to send the reset messages back to the opz?

I use a custom made program using, so I guess this is not really what you are after. You can probably do the same with MAX/MSP if you have it, but without knowing your specific needs/setup I can’t really help more.

interesting that the Z seems to respond to relative midi but no way to send it?