Is there a way to change LED brightness?

I noticed that the OP-Z has very bright LEDs, which I assume is great for many people. I however am quite susceptible to concentrated bright ‘dotty’ lights, which quickly result in headaches and sore eyes when looking at them for longer than a few seconds.

Since I wasn’t able to find anything in the online manual, I am asking you: Is there any setting to change the brightness? Hidden setting via config file?

Please help …

am also really sensitive to bright lights

i tried taking it apart to put some parchment paper over the leds inside
but u can’t really separate the front panel from the case

so ended up cutting out small lil pieces of painters tape
and covering all the leds
the lights still shine thru but much dimmer
made it much better on my eyes

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Thank you very much for posting, I think I’ll do the same!

There is an option to dim and turn backlights on is in the general.json config file.

Hey ghostly.
I read about the backlights, but haven’t seen dimming as an option anywhere. Can you point me to a place to find out more?

For the backlit option the LEDs are less bright.

Hmm, maybe I misunderstood.

Enabling the backlight option just added backlight to the non-lit buttons, but the bright LEDs stayed the same:



I may be mistaken but I thought they were less bright as they’d be used in the dark.