Is there a way to "reset" the op-1 without the boot screen?

Sooooo I’m kinda screwed AHH :frowning: my op-1 crashes whenever I try to go to the master tape FX screen (something about a parameter/value being too high or something), but I can’t reset my op-1 because I can’t load into the boot screen anymore.

my DSP board needs to be flashed according to pals at TE, and I’m willing to send it off , but for a temporary fix, is there a way to maybe “reset” the device other than through the boot menu? Like a hardware reset maybe ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Nope, gotta send it back I’m afraid, its a rare but documented occurrence.

Thanks bud <3 I was expecting that was the case for sure, but just thought I’d ask you smarty pants (or smarty flannel HEhe)