Issues with new OP-1

Hi everyone,

I just got my new OP-1 yesterday and I am completely new to the instrument. I had time to fool around with it for around 3-4 hours in that time I had a few things happen to me that seems very odd.
1: Every now and then when playing the drum section and pressing a key it would play twice in rapid succession making for weird flam like effects I didn’t want.
2: Multiple times the instrument stopped producing notes when I pressed the keys and I had to turn it off and back on to make it work.
Have these things happened to any of you? Is there an update I should install to fix it?
Thank you,

First thing to try is make sure you have the latest OS firmware installed. There is a file and instructions on the TE website.

You should also do a factory reset after installing the new OS just to be sure everything is in a consistent state.

I looked at the TE website and it seems that the latest OS update included the sketch sequencer, is that right? This is already on my OP-1. I’ll try a factory reset tonight. Would you also download the latest firmware and try and install it just to make sure?

I think there were two with sketch?

My new op1 would sometimes bounce on the drumming. You mean it does a double hit, yeah? This settled down for me - it was worse when the OP1 was on a soft surface btw.

Yeah exactly it does double hits. You mean it settled when you upgraded the firmware?

I think it’s a bounce in the physical keys. It just went away over time for me. I just stopped noticing it happen because it had slipped quietly away. Like I said, it’s worse when you’re playing on a soft surface… Like a fluffy pillow :slight_smile:

Alright thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I will try installing the latest firmware tonight and factory resetting.
Thanks for your quick replies.

You should be able to see the firmware version on start-up.

perhaps you have an active random lfo in the drum section – sounds like…

yea could be something like that. i know sometimes I have the sequencer on and i'm like WTF IS GOING ON!...oh right!

Oh, didn’t think about that, I’ll make sure to check out if that is the case. Thanks!

Or looping set up in the drum sampler? Or loop points in a synth sampler?

I have tried factory resetting the OP-1 now and I have checked that it has the latest update.

Edit: I figured out this mistake, my OP-1 may be perfectly fine now, thanks again guys!