It should be simple, right?

I really love this machine but I am having a huge problem with EXT Sync with Beat Match. PLEASE HELP!!!

To illustrate I recorded a simple 1 bar, 4/4 quarter note kick drum beat to 120BPM. When I midi sync the OP-1 to my Boss rc300 at 120BPM, and send the “start” midi signal from the rc300, the recorded OP-1 beat drifts out of time quickly. HOWEVER, if I turn up the OP-1 metronome, the metronome is perfectly in sync and does not drift at all. This leads me to believe the tape deck is the issue, as the recorded drum loop on the OP-1 does not sound in sync. I’m not sure how this can be, because the kick drum loop was recorded at exactly 120BPM, the rc300 is sending exactly 120BPM to the OP-1, the tap loop appears to align with the beat markers, the metronome is perfectly on beat, but the recorded loop on the tape IS NOT???

Anyone know a fix?

This sounds like you don’t have a loop of exactly 1 bar in length. I don’t have my op1 in front of me, so hopefully I don’t miss anything, but On the tape screen, use shift and l/r to position your tape head to the leftmost part of your recording and notice it snaps to the ‘tick’ mark, and press the 1/in key. Then hold shift and press the right arrow 4 times if I remember, to position the play head to the ‘tick’ at the end of your loop and press 2/out. Now you have exactly 1 bar selected for your loop, and you can hit the 3/loop on-off key to turn the loop feature on, and you should see a green bar above your tape. Shift + l/r to the start tick mark and see if your loop syncs properly now.

You might have solved this for me. When I do a 4 measure loop… it is very stable. This is encouraging! The loop that was causing me problems was 2 measures. Do you know what the magic is with the 4 measure loops?

Are you using Shift + > to get to the exact end of the 4 measures and then using the scissors to trim off the excess before lifting and pasting?

I use shift + > to make sure it is on the marks. I usually set the loop and record within the loop which I believe the in/out points are on the mark since I used shift + >.

Are you saying that I should not be recording in a set loop, and should be using the shift + > to get on the marks and trim the excess from each mark? Thanks for replying I just got the OP-1 a month ago and I love it but really need this thing to sync with my rig!

If your tape is already looping in between markers, and it loops fine, then lifiting and putting down that bit of tape should loop. I don’t always record in a loop, but start off a bar before, and hit record and then stop afterwards, and manually trim (Just so I don’t accidentally overdub over the start of the bar as it goes round)

I guess the 1st step is forget the external gear, and just get a the workflow of copy/pasting your 1 bar loop on the OP-1 and having it stay in time with the metronome.

If that fails, could you maybe record a brief video to show what you’re doing and how it’s going wrong?

When you say 4 measures, do you mean shift + > four times? Do you know the magic for 4 measures vs. 1 or two?