I’ve been doing it every day, but not happy with most of the results. Still posting to SoundCloud, though. This one, from tonight’s, not too bad as far as beats go, but the mix is muddy and I didn’t have time at that point to clean it up. I need to go back and mess with filters on each track and see if I can make more space for the instruments. Do other folks have other tips for doing that on the OP-Z, instead of pulling it into a DAW and EQ’ing? I love that the only thing I need the computer for is to archive the finished recording and post.



(Scrolling up) @VVLV that was just prolonged chords (the CH track, mostly a progression in Am) with lots of reverb and some bit crusher and the LFO. Took a while to get dialed in right, but still fun to do. Thanks!!


@el_wombato said:
@beefinator that is wild (and fun)! I have yet to master this mode of using the OP-1

@flybry love your beats!

Big thanks @el_wombato !! I am following your IG man. Good stuff on there!!! This is my first year participating and I am learning so much as a result. Go Jamuary lol


I’m a bit behind this year. These are my latest jams.



19 for 19 so far, here’s today’s

The PO-12 still BOPS.
(here I did PO-12 forked to 2 paths. path A cuts lows, heavy mid boost, mixes into the main bus, aux send to Strymon bluesky. path B routes through minifooger drive plus an FMR RNC to shape the transient some, then boosted low and cut mid/high. everything else, including path A, sidechained by path B)

wicked punch from just a PO-12 real-time.


My first #jamuary2019, hope I’m gonna find more time to make more than 2 !


After a few days I’m back at jamuary with this 35 second loop.


January 20 was the anniversary of the idiot in chief’s inauguration (I’m in the US). I spent a long time chopping up a 1 hour speech to get a 1 minute collage of hate and evil…


attention BANGER alert wild BANGER in your area

see if you can recognize the track I got some inspiration from

also check out my other 20 videos so far! i haven’t been posting them all here


My week 3 beats for Jamuary. I have been doing 5 a week for my sanity lol. Lmk what you think!

I have been super inspired by the videos on IG. You guys are absolutely killing it!!!


11th entry for #jamuary2019


the final week! 25 for 25


aaaaand 31/31
I need a break


Jamuary 2019


I have been keeping up even though I haven’t posted here. I did one every day, although I missed the midnight deadline a few times along the way. Despite the fact that it should be obvious by now (2nd year) I am still surprised at how good many of the tracks are.

Hopefully I can follow through with actually making songs this time. That didn’t really happen last year.