i’m lazy with the gram, since video or pics are the primary output.

i’m not tryna be lazy with my jamuary jams.

so far here’s the 1st thru the 3rd.

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I’m definitely in! Post some stuff soon

I’ve just been in the mood for chromatic bass lines, not sure why. This one is a little darker with more dance vibes.

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Day 5: https://www.instagram.com/p/B699VoyHYqE/?igshid=r64x9wh98qzh

5/5 so far

not fast on the draw in terms of video and social media. but here’s the Jan 4 and Jan 5 installments

Dropped a few PO-33 tracks over the last few days. This little machine pound for pound is a beast!

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I’m 7 for 7 so far this Jamuary over on my instagram.

hoo boy I’m so pleased with how this one came out

i got tracks. harder to keep up with the album cover pics and insta vids…but still jammin

somehow there are a lot of crackles in this one…sometimes the USB seems crazy

a couple more days, a couple more ways of jammin.

11/11 so far, and a good vibe from last night:

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I finally got around to actually using the sampling functions of the OP-Z. I sampled in a piano note and come up with this minimal piano line.


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this jamuary jam turned out to be a more “complete” song…LFO+FX= :firecracker:

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Was going to try for all days this month, but life gets in the way. Here is my day 13.

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14/14 so far.
I’m quite proud of yesterdays videography, so if any of you likes Twin Peaks (or even if not), have a look/listen :sweat_smile: I used the tape track of the op-z to let everything sound more menacing. Doesn’t always sound right, but this time it worked out quite well.