Just ordered a new OP-1... Scared about nightmare non-working stories

Just ordered a new OP-1, picking up in a few days (friday) and I’m hearing so many “dead on arrival” “2 key just quit working” “speaker went out first week” and more. Are they really that faulty? they look so well made and a majority of people seem to not be having these issues. Is this just like any tech, a percentage of people have issues and report them, the rest are happy and don’t report?

Just hoping to get a little confidence in my purchase. The store I’m buying it from is a full fledged synth store and I know they would back me up if I open it in store and it doesn’t work, but I’m doubtful they would deal with anything after the sale other than direct me to TE’s warranty department, which I’m also reading bad stories about.

Any help or perspective would be nice! Thanks all, I’m excited to be a part of the community, learn about my OP-1 and then hope to help others as they come into the fold!

Central Arkansas

I bought the display model from a local store when they were on back order. I totally sanitized it, and haven’t looked back. Thing works great. Consider this breaking silence for ranting about how well it works after I got it home :wink:

Don’t worry too much. My OP-1 had a faulty key at arrival, which was fixed by TE. That was five years ago, since then no problems at all.

Thanks guys, good to hear some good results!

No problems with mine. I bought it over 3 and half years ago and use it almost everyday.

I have had no problems in 3+ years. Perhaps we should compile all the good user experiences too :slight_smile:

Where is the “I bought an OP-1 and haven’t had any problems! What should I do now?” thread?

I’ve had mine for two, and I use it pretty regularly. None of the button labels are even worn. This thing is extremely well built. I’m especially impressed by the nigh infinite battery even after two years.

Perhaps we should compile all the good user experiences too :-)

YES! This should be a “Sticky” on the forum!

Mine had one faulty key on arrival.
Sent it back, two weeks later I had a new one.
It works fine but the “3” key under the screen is a little more clicky than all the other keys and the metal piece around the speaker is standing up a little, I deceided I don’t care enough to send it back again.
If anything it only helps me being extra carefull with it though I always go through a long phase of being paranoid around newly acquired, expensive gear.

Yeah I think we all just get a little too paranoid. Chances are everything will be a-ok

Mine had to be returned straight away (weird sequencer/patch selection problem) when I bought it but no problems since then. Approx 8months. I’m kind of concerned about if like you cos TE warranty runs out soon (tho I have feeling the store warranty was 3 years. Need to check). Recently been thinking maybe it’s the portability thing that causes so many issues. Like maybe people aren’t being as careful with it as they would be with other gear? I’m probably guilty of that myself :wink:

@Callofthevoid With the official OP-1 case from Unit Portables you don’t need to worry. It’s worth the money!

i have had 2 new op1s returned within 2 weeks , got one ,faulty, returned it then got another one from a different store, faulty, returned.

BOTH of them had a problem just out of the box…the 4 parameter knobs would stop working after a while…they would just freeze…only way to solve the problem was turn it off and on…
so…2 out of the box op1 within a space of 2 weeks with a major problem…i tried to find answers in the forums…not much there, either no one had the problem or just didnt respond…3 days ago i wrote to TE, sent them a video showing the problem and they acknowledge that YES this was a serious problem which rendered the op1 pretty much useless…they had no solution to offer…i returned 2 op1s within a week
that was my experience…950euros is alot…the fact that im in germany and could return them for refund easily made all the difference…if i was in the US or anywhere else…i wouldn’t touch them

@Callofthevoid With the official OP-1 case from Unit Portables you don't need to worry. It's worth the money!

I mean more like around the house - bashing it around different surfaces and leaving headphones connected during moving it etc. Been pretty careful so far in general but I leave it in pretty sketchy places around the house that I’d never leave my OT for example… Gonna start being a little more careful :wink:

Mine has an issue with the high E key where it will erratically trigger and retriggering if I don’t hit it in the top third of the key. Was like that since I bought it. TBH I was a bit disappointed with the quality of the keyboard for that price. But I’m used to it now.

I have a 3 year warranty (with 2 left) so I’m pretty laid back about hardware issues. Plus I’ve bought an IO board for the time after the 3 years :wink:

Had mine for (2) years, with absolutely zero problems.

Thanks all! Two more days and I’ll have my grubby little hands on my OP-1!! YAY!

I picked it up yesterday before Switched On in Austin, TX closed. Great place, BTW! Super nice people.

I’ve had a little time to explore but left it to charge pretty much all night and some of the day today. Then tested the system with COM and power on. Then reset it, updated to the latest FW and OS. All is well. It is charged to 5 LEDs and working great. So much to discover but so far every button works, all is well!

Thanks everyone for your responses here!

Have fun man!