Just ordered my op1

I was wondering where to find some cool patches im definitely going to grab cuckoos patches and keep the ones i like. I was also wondering about charging it i dont want my battery to die, i know the manual tells you to charge it when you first receive it but is it okay to turn it on and use it while you charge it or should i just wait until its done charging to mess with it? Also i plan on getting some attachments mainly the lego one and the crank shaft if anyone can give me feedback on which one first as well as a good case that isnt the TE one because its expensive and it doesnt seem like itd stand up to a fall or something. Im very excited I cant wait!

if your on the newest update its filled with all sorts of new community made patches. more then enough to get you started. several of cuckoos from his packs have made it(some of the chiptune ones which are great btw) there were others in his packs though. once you get sampling and tweaking the engines you are gonna have more patches then you need. id hold off on uploading patches for awhile. plenty to get into on a new op1 without inundating youself with things you might not yet understand or w/e

the crank shaft is by far the best attachment in my opinion. the radio antenna is also great but you can get a cheap one from ebay for $.99 i want to liek the pitch bendy one with the rubber band. but it eats up the LFO modulation page which is lame. Im sure some people love it for a more standard pitch bend or w/e they assign it to. personally im plenty content with the wonky shift and arrow keys pitch bend.

the op1 itself can take a fall pretty well. its built like a tank. I like my TE case. but plenty of users here make very nice cases. recently i saw Dichstudios case and was drooling over that. the only thing cheaper then the TE case is maybe a sleeve. but for the most part almost every case you will find for it is +$70.

although plenty of alternatives for cases. things not specifically made for the op1. for instance lots of people on this forum use a correctly sized gun case. i did for awhile and that thing could really take a beating. but I found it overkill and eventually bought the TE one as its super portable and does a good job of protecting my op1; in my opinion. bluetooth keyboard cases also seemingly fit well. just search the forum lots of options. for the most ridiculous protection your gonna want a gun case for sure.