Just received my OP-1, Recording question

Sorry if this already has been answered but I’m curious to know if there’s anyway to delete for example T-2 from the tape without having to delete all the materials. T-1 I start by looking for a melody and then add some drums with T-2 but sometimes while recording T-2 I’m not satisfied with the recording so my only option has been to SHIFT+Tape and erase all tracks every time. I hope there’s a solution to this or maybe I’m doing something wrong haha nevertheless thanks in advance and I’m loving this little machine! Endless possibilities

@Gregorioz10 congrats on your new Op-1.

Curious, have you used up all the tape length already?

Say you have some dodgy stuff on T2 that you want to remove, you can simply lift those pieces from T2 itself. (You can only lift audio segments that are < 90 seconds, so you might need to use the scissors to snip the tape into small segments first).