Just recieved OP1 and screen is not working

I’ve seen a few posts about a faulty screen but no answers. I’ve updated the firmware, i’ve done the COM reset thing. The sound seems to work (altho the volume seems low?), and all the buttons work. When i hit the Help button i dont see the battery lights on but i know its fully charged, so not sure what that issue is. Is there anyway to fix this or does this mean i need to exchange it?

That being said, I ordered it from the TE website to California. The thought of having to return it a waiting more time to get a new one only for it to possibly not work again seems miserable. Does anyone know if its possible to just find an OP1 seller around me and exchange with them? Itd be nice to test the device i’m actually buying to make sure it works :frowning:

I feels for you my guy

New OP-1 from TE with a faulty screen? Contact them ASAP and work to get it replaced to your absolute satisfaction - that’s really disappointing that it showed up broken. It’ll be worth the wait, watch loads of vids on how to use it while you wait…

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