Just replaced OP-1 Keyboard a month or so ago, and left arrow key is gone again. Advice?

Title says it all really, do I just order another keyboard?

i would always try to clean the key and the contact first before spending any money.
u could try reseating the ribbon cable too
obv try a factory reset and all that as well maybe.

is this hte same key that died before?
if so could be a sign of something else being the issue

Thank you dr. Do you know how I would go about cleaning?

I believe that it was the b keyboard key last time. Then it spread to other keys on the left side… like a virus haha

i like using deoxit and a qtip
or u could use rubbing alcohol too.
just wet the qtip a lil bit and rub on the contact

use a dry qtip or small wire brush to gently rub the rubber membrane contact.

u could try compressed air too and blast it
sometimes its just dust and debris.

doing both is prolly good

also i just found out about this stuff called caikote
which is for bringing back the carbon contacts on the bottom of the rubber membranes of buttons.
i used some last night for hte first time ever
its like a conductive silvery liquid that is flexible when it dries.
and it totally works great if the issue is on the rubber membrane side of things.
brought back to life my sp404, su10 and su700 pads. good as new.
i guess most ppl use it to fix buttons on their TV remotes (boring) lol

pretty sure the op1 keys/buttons use this type of rubber membrane mechanism

the replacement keyboard aint cheap and if u just replaced it a month ago i’d be suspect to spend more unless u really work your OP like crazy hard or are super rough with it.

did u get it from ifixit?
do they (or wherever u got it from) offer some kind of warranty on their items?

I replaced mine with one from ifixit and 6 months later had another couple of keys fails. I talked to ifixit and they just sent me a new part.

Oooh, good to know!

It is not always the keyboard or the keys contacts. Keyboard problems can also occur if the cable connector is not properly attached.

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I found I could not remove the rubber contacts from the Key bed pcb assembly like larger Key beds. I injected a small bit of deoxit or contact cleaner via a small syringe and worked the key pad forcefully to scrub the contact. Sealed the small hole via tiny bit of RTV on a swab.

The fix lasted about 9 months whilst other keys started going intermittent. Installed a new Keybed via ifixit and have had no issues yet.

I’ll 2nd double checking the connection on the cable. I replaced my keyboard, thought for sure it was faulty (ifixit immediately offered a free replacement) but then I double checked the connection and realized it was user error. Haven’t had any trouble since reseating the cable and making sure it was properly locked in.


UPDATE: I emailed them and explained the issue, and they’ve sent me a replacement. Really good service.