Keith McMillen K-Mix: any users?

I’ll be checking your latest K-mix video @Cuckoo. Appreciate those a ton.

Been hopping from Muffwigglers, Auria, and the Audiobus forums waiting for the Go To to take the plunge and snag one up. At the moment it sounds like the devs are working more on the MIDI implements, which is really crucial for me. I’m hoping MCU gets expanded from just transport controls on Auria Pro and I’m curious how well the KM MIDI expander works with it.

A tad reluctant with these smaller manafacturers expanding out and producing audio interfaces for the first time. Similar to iConnectivity and Arturia (still on hold?), it’s been a chunk of time from their NAMM announcements to get their audio interfaces to retail. I’ve own two iConnectAudio4+s for almost a year now and their drivers and software are still finikey.

It’s totally understandable to me when I think of their companies sizes, and I’m no expert, but I’m beginning to think these that these “All in one” hardware devices are a huge undertaking at this point in music tech where software/drivers need be constantly updated and devolped over night - especially with the expanding mobile platforms too. Is this the case devs and engineers?

Holding on to my Zoom R16 and and iConnectAudios for now, but still really hoping for the almighty All in One someday.

Would also LOVE to hear if any Muffs in here own yet. Are the Eurorack signals coming in too hot for the K-mix?

Here’s the hefty K-mix Muff thread too

Enjoying my new K-Mix. Even sold my Zed10FX after I got it.
Light, small form factor. Just enough inputs for a small gig.

I have a strange behavior with my K-mix in standalone mode : it doesn't translate or retain the stereo image, everything is pretty much center. If I pan sounds in the modular or in the Digitakt it mostly just drops the volume and I can't adjust the panning properly.

However when it is hooked up to the computer as an audio interface for Logic : perfect stereo image. Nothing has changed except instead of being powered by the wall wart it is now powered by usb and the sounds make a little detour via Logic.

Is there I way to fix this via the K-Mix Editor that I might have overlooked ? It doesn't seem to be a hardware problem since the stereo image can be achieved, just not in standalone mode.

^My guess is that you’ve enabled, say, channels 1 and 2 to be linked, but haven’t panned them L&R. It’s possible to link the channels and have them both dead center, which would result in what you’re describing.

From the manual:

"To edit a channel’s pan settings, do the following:
  1. Press the [PAN] button to enter the current Pan Mode.
  2. If surround panning was previously enabled, press and hold the [SHIFT] button and press the [PAN]
    button. This will switch your K-Mix back to Stereo Panning Mode. This step can be skipped if you
    are already in Stereo Panning Mode.
  3. Press one of the channel select buttons to select a channel to edit. The currently selected channel
    will light up green — all others are red. The rotary LEDs will immediately snap to the selected
    channel’s pan settings.
  4. Adjust any of the four rotaries to adjust the pan settings. Rotary 1 controls the panning for the main
    output bus, rotaries 2–4 control the panning for aux output bus pairs 1–3, respectively."

Well that’s exactly it All my channels are linked in stereo ! It never occurred to me to check the panning.

Thank you very much, I’ve been living with this for six months…

Glad to see it helped! You recently gave me good advice concerning the NE Cursus over at Muffs, so it’s only right I pay it back in some form :slight_smile:

Ah ! Cool, did you get it ? I can praise Loquelic/Cursus all day long, they keep blowing my mind !