Key fix(potentially defective unit?)

My low Bb/A# key keeps popping out. I can’t identify the damage, and I havent had any serious impacts on my brand new unit… Any suggestions/fixes?

Maybe you could take off another key and compare them to make sure there is nothing damaged.

There are some instructions from TE on how to do that and reattach the key correctly at the “OP-1 internals” thread.

Soooo here are a couple pics. It looks identical to the example OP-1 in the internals thread(thanks punji). The key stays in place most of the time, until it gets used… Sliding a finger down the keyboard? gone. Pressing it a bunch? out.

UPDATE: I emailed TE and not only have a replacement key coming, but a master volume knob cap as well. Two threads with one stone :slight_smile:

Speaking of TE and email, it took me less than 24hrs to get a response, despite their POverload and tales of long response wait times.