Late discussion of OP-1 sound quality

I agree with docshermsticks.

Between sampling and the included synth engines, the tools are there to produce just about anything you need.

But more importantly, for me it’s about finding the right workflow to guide your creativity into music creations and it doesn’t matter if there is couple of db of higher noise floor. The big musicians of the past didn’t have most of these tools and they still created incredible music.

I’ve only had the op-1 for 2 weeks + I’ve had the op-z for 2 years and the workflow is the reason that I keep coming back.

so you prefer the OP-1 workflow?

I’ve had the OP-Z for almost 2 months now and OP-1 for a week and while i do enjoy at lot of things about the OP-1 the workflow and the sounds are both problematic for me. but i guess i’ll just keep at it and practice and explore how i can make it better

I really like both.

The OP-z is an amazing tool for live performance that I can very quickly programme to play what I want. When I play music with my friends (they play guitar, piano) I can programme drums and bass in seconds and on the fly add remove notes as I need and jump between sections as needed.

It a great music creation tool that is also able to give you tonnes of fun when performing.

On the other hand, the OP-1 is actually able to record music and you end up with the finished recorded product ready for everyone to enjoy.

With the OP-z I don’t have anything recorded, I have to perform the music to listen to it (I know I can record it but going to a traditional DAW is not as convenient so I just tend not to do it), but with the op-1 within 1-2 weeks I already have recorded loops.

Both are amazing and I cannot pick one or the other because they are very different beasts.

The workflow is the real winner here.

Putting the op1 through pedals changed my life. Carve out the sound you desire🙃


thanks for your insight! i agree with what you said regarding the OP-Z for sure.

I’m slowly coming to grips with OP-1and every new “loop” i make feels better than the last so that’s a good sign, eventually programming arrangements will be the biggest challenge ahead of me since i’m so used to making “live arrangements” using stuff like OP-Z and model cycles. but with OP-1 it’s very hard (for me at least at this point in time) to have a smooth transition other than just volume mixing.

Personally I think the OP-1 sounds better than OP-Z, the OP-Z takes a bit more work with gain staging internally or it can sound a bit flat/dull. Easily noticed when using the same sample in OP-Z as used in another piece of gear. OP-1 just seems to have more mojo “out of the box” but I think both have their strengths and weaknesses.

OP-1 more of a experimental portable tape studio
OP-Z more of a pocket sized sequencing power house

FX are a bit more refined on OP-Z, and you have the filter on every sound as well as master, but the OP-1 fx are a bit more wild, lofi and unusual.

They compliment each other well.


the more i use the OP-1 and get used to it the more i enjoy it. sure the sound to me isn’t as nice as OP-Z (i believe the real reason is the stereo sounds on the OP-Z vs the mono sounds of the OP-1, i think this to me makes the biggest difference) but it’s nice in its own way when you take the time to listen and appreciate it. it def takes more work for me to get it to sound good, and it’s definitely a lo-fi kindof sound comparatively but it’s got a unique sound. consider the old MPCs or SP-1200 they also are lofi and have a unique sound and people love it.

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