Learning ipad sequencer?

I wanna key in my rythm fragments on the op1 and then use the ipad for sequencing.
At the moment I have to figure out what the midi notenumbers for the drums are …
should i just use a midi spy, or is there something better?


you want this:


and then perhaps:

@KrisM that’s amazing braincandy - I did nae know/realize that notes/freqs/midi numbers are so simply related.

However, i still need to learn with an app, as i like finding my rythms by playing blind on the op1.


ok, i have figured out that Little Midi Sequencer can record via midi.
but I’d like to be able to add an .empty. beat from time to time.
should i change one drum note to empty or is there an easier way?


make empty notes…

This is a early jungle technique…