"LED Noise"

Thanks for the feedback!

I just got an OPZ and on my first session with it I noticed the LED noise (not the usb charging noise). I then searched to see if anybody else has noticed this and here I am. So do all OPZ have the LED noise problem? or is it that the ones with LED noise are faulty?

Ehr, as you can read in this thread, there’s some evidence, that excessive led noise is not general, all units problem. But, you can contribute to this issue with asking for replace faulty unit and to let us know if the problem still exist with new unit.

I personally returned my OPZ and still waiting for some budget to rebuy (even that have I find out I can live without it :slight_smile: ). If I’ll rebuy, I’ll write here feedback, too.

Important thing is, to write to TE, that you have this problem and you want unit without this issue-more people will give this feedback, (I hope) more probability is, that they will take care of it (in some future?). Also, say this to your retailer, to not give your unit to somebody else (but to send back to TE). You may use this forum thread as reference of this problem, with official TE statement that they also consider it as not normal noise, too.

Good luck and please write back if you’ll have new one.


I am having the same problem and can hear the exact same noise as in the original poster’s video when the LEDs are on.

I have only had my OPZ for a few weeks and I love it but this makes it pretty much unusable so I am going to contact TE and Andertons who I bought it from in the UK and get it swapped.

I will report back when I get the new one if it has the same problem.

ground loop isolator.