Lend me your OP-1, get a FREE case.

I’ve had numerous requests to make an OP-1 case. The problem is I do not own an OP-1 to use to verify the fit. Nor am I willing to buy one, use it then return it to the store…sorry I don’t roll like that.

Here’s the one time deal…lend me your OP-1 for one week, I will make you a beautiful case. After 1 week I will send your lovely OP-1 and case back to you. You cover the shipping both ways.
Important info:
I’m located in the US
There are people on this forum that can verify that this is not a scam and that I do good work.
Here is a link to a sample of my previous case work.

First serious person to contact me gets this very limited offer.

PM sent.

Looks like I have an OP-1 inbound, thank you to all that offered!