Levels confusion

Read a few posts but I still can’t fully get my head round levels. I have a sequence running on synth ‘1’. Not recording. If I go to tape screen it is noticeably louder or quieter when I select tape tracks. If I go to mixer and turn down level on these tracks it gets quieter but it’s peaking regardless of whatever I do on this page and I have to turn down rec input level on the tape page. I mean I can get levels sorted but I don’t really understand what’s going on?! I’m not great at this kind of stuff, can anyone do a quick ‘for dummies’ explanation please? Thanks…

You may check this thread.


Thanks man, that thread helps :slight_smile: would love to have a straight forward volume parameter for each synth patch. Would help if ever want to use OP for shows. Workarounds are fine for now tho.