LFO pan?

I received my op1 a few hours ago and started a track, I’ve been looking at the manual on the side but couldn’t find a way to automate the pan. I’d like to have my hh panning 80/20 right and left every 2 strokes… is there a way to automate panning? I’ve looked into the lfo for the drum but couldn’t find a pan option.
(I’ve used the search option on the forum and there were many results but none on my “problem”)
Any help is welcome.
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there is no pan setting in the drum (or synth) or panning on the LFOs

u can use the tape to do this but its not so elegant.

like set one track pan left, another track pan right
and record your hats on each track as u’d like them to appear in the stereo image

I didn’t thought about this one… true its not elegant but could work i only have to find a work around because my 4 tracks are used for now. There is a way to resample right? If I play the tape slower with only the track I need and pan as it plays (which would be why I would play it slow, to be able to pan precisely) would it make me a sample of my hh panned that I could copy paste?

the op1 is full of quirks like this
there are ways to do lots of things that aren’t very obvious at first
but just take a lil mental shift in your paradigm to see.

yes u can resample (& overdub) using the ear function (shift+mic)
yes u can also copy and paste using lift + drop.

which is also a nice lil one layer undo function
as when u lift something it keeps it saved in a buffer
so u can re-drop it as many times as u want until u lift another tape segment.

I’ll try to resample with pan shift tomorrow… thanks

dont forget to have fun dude

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Oh I will and already do. So it seems the only way is to have 2 channels has you said, another hickup I have is trying to reverse a sample I recorded, its already on tape and I know I can play in reverse hitting 5 but I’d like to resample it backward to chop it later on. I tried resampling to drum thinking there would be an option to play a sound in reverse but nope.

sorry found it, shift and blue encoder