LFO questions

Hi guys. How might I go about putting an LFO on track volume to create rythmic staccato-like effects on a part or even the whole composition? As I understand it there is no LFO in the mixer section, am i right?

You could always resample the bit of audio that you want to put the tremelo on and drop it into a drum sampler and then rerecord that to tape with the tremelo LFO enabled. Perfect if the audio you want to effect is less than 12 seconds.

Yeah, resampling seems to be the answer for everything! So, with tremolo its sine wave shaped modulation. If I want a harder square volume envelope the solution in my head is resampling and then resequencing the slices in drum sampler and adding the silence that way. Can you tell I haven’t used my OP for a while?

You could try a free flowing ,loose tremelo with CWO on master.
You would have to sync manually my speeding up/slow down blue frequency.
Have orange in center ,green and white at zero.
Not so useful for rhythm (good on pads) but you could try M1 &M2 to push phase …maybe.

That does work nicely for a wobbly tremelo @Spheric_El . I love CWO.

Tremolo morphs into a square wave as you push the depth up to 100

@beefinator so it does, mate.