Lifting from tape to sampler


Some days lifting from tape to sampler works, some days it doesn’t. in drum sampler, it copies a key to the first one instead
sample length doesn’t seem to affect this.
what am i missing?


There is a bug that stops you being able to lift from tape and drop into drum sampler. It is triggered if you lift and drop sample settings between keys in the drum sampler… after that, dropping audio into the drum sampler won’t work till you restart the op-1.

A fix for this is my number one wish for an os update.

Can you give a little more detail/explanation about what you mean when you say “between keys”?

Wow, didn’t notice that this thread is so old.

I am a new user of the OP-1 with the latest firmware. I have noticed that when I lift from tape and drop to drum sampler it works the FIRST time. But after that, I have to restart the OP-1 to get it to work.

Steps I use:
Tape mode: cut either end of a stretch of tape. Lift.
Switch to Drum mode: click Drop.

Always works first time, just don’t know what happens (or what I’m doing wrong) on subsequent tries to drop a lifted tape sample to the Drum sequencer.


I was just having a bit of a play and investigating some of the things I’ve jotted down since having my OP-1 and came up against this same issue. As the other person above said, if you’re only lifting from tape and then pasting into the drums then it works (but it ignores whichever key you’ve got held down and just pastes the audio at the start of the drum sample, without assigning that audio to the selected key), it’s only when you hold down a key, press the lift button to copy that sound and then hold down another drum key and press the drop key that the ability to drop from tape stops working.