Line Module and USB Audio


I just wanted to ask the line module owners if you can use the line module input as a way to get external sounds into an ipad/iphone via the op-z (and a lightning to usb adapter).

I am thinking about using a looper in AUM on my iphone to loop analog synths and then monitor everything (op-z + analog synth + loops from iphone) on the op-z.
It would be a nice portable setup!


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just tested this with modular into line in, op-z usb into ipad aum. works just like you describe :cowboy_hat_face:

did you have to step down from modular level for this? i’ve been too scared to try straight into line

i was running out of a mixer in my modular. i tend to avoid running eurorack into anything without some attenuation :slight_smile:

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Thanks, that’s great! Just ordered the line module:)

Did you monitor the sound on the op-z? I am still wondering how exactly this works without creating a feedback loop…

When you monitor the usb audio on op-z (pressing shift and zero I think?), does this not get sent back to the ipad? But instead does it still send the op-z output including the eurorack?


i was able to monitor everything from the op-z. euro + fx from ipad

Cool, thank you for the infos:) I am looking forward to receive the module

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