Little quick test video

Haven’t ordered CCK yet so syncing video and op-z audio in Logic Pro. Still trying to get the hang of this thing. Finally threw some of my own samples in it and it really makes it so much more fun.

And if anyone can give me some advice about how to get the YouTube player in my post, I would really appreciate it.

dont use the short link. use the full link
like this…

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got it! Thanks!

Here’s my first one.

Here’s one from today. Just excited to get this new fx box.

I was thinking about picking up a Koma field kit FX myself… After getting some time to get familiar with it, would you recommend?

Also how does that spring reverb sound?

the spring reverb is definitely lo-fi but I wasn’t expecting a nice plate reverb or anything. Sounds like an old spring reverb but what’s really fun is manipulating the spring (I hit in the video just to show that it’s working) and then sending that to the freq shifter or looper while controlling the reverb cutoff filter with cv. I’m learning all kinds of new concepts; stuff I never thought I’d be interested in (basically an introduction to modular). For example, the whole concept of jumping a signal (see the purple cable in video) still makes my head hurt a little. Now I’m starting to send cv from the op-z to control stuff like delay time, etc. I would recommend the field kit fx but make sure you buy the extra expansion pack. That’s how you get the reverb (although you can hook up different sized reverb tanks to it). I need to take all this tinkering and go make some actual music with it though.

Here’s another one I did today…