Logic 8 / Reason 4


Looking to buy an OP-1 soon! :)

Can I map the transport controls in Logic 8 or Reason 4 on my dinosaur of a mac? Ableton and Reason 6 functionality stated in the manual.



I work in Reason 7 (the 8th incarnation is coming soon…) and it is mapped all right to the OP-1 (and so is Reason 6). I used to work in Reason 4 as well (the OP-1 was not even around back then though…) and I’m almost sure you can do a “one at a time” style manual mapping. Maybe this is worth a question over at the Propellerhead forum.

This may be of some use to you, the Reason 4 MIDI chart.


Thanks guys. You can map MIDI stuff manually, are the transport controls sysex? Might just have to get me an OP-1 and try it!

I believe if it’s the latest version of Reason 4 it will respond to play, stop, and record once you go in and set the OP-1 up as a MIDI controller for it. It’s just not automatic like later versions.

Thanks Kris!