Longtime user, but can't find answers

A couple questions I’ve had using the Op-1, and I haven’t been able to find anything definitive

  1. Can you use any of the sequencers with an external MIDI input, particularly endless?
  2. Is there a way to start recording via a MIDI command?
    2b) How about triggering playing or recording anywhere other than the start of the tape with MIDI?
  3. How do program changes work? Is there a way to mimic a 1-8 button press, either with MIDI or otherwise?
  4. Anyone pair the Op-1 with a Behringer FC1010 MIDI floorboard?
    I want to set up the Op-1 as a companion to my guitar playing, and I appreciate all answers. Cheers
  1. If you mean entering notes, the answer is no.
    2 & 2b) I think so, but I haven’t tried. Somebody else chime in?
    3) No way to change patches with MIDI.
    4) OP-1 with a foot pedal interests me too. Anybody else?

I’ve always wished the OP-1 had an Expression In jack.

Mainly, so I could manually scrub back and forth on the Tape.

Wonder if this is achievable via MIDI/MIDI Expression Pedal…?

I haven’t tried it yet, but theoretically it would be possible to control the midi lfos with a ccs mapped to an expression pedal… I wonder why TE didn’t make things more MIDI in capable? Could they in another update? I wonder if the Op-Z at least could send program changes. That would be awesome. The other option is maybe someone can create something in the custom firmware to plot button presses to midi commands. That would be so awesome!