Look is better yes or no?

What do you guys and gals think?

Banner is temp…

I like the sidebar on the left better, it puts the focus more on the content.

Really like the look! Can you switch the default post category into General? That way we get less newbie posts in the Videos category…

yeah I’ll add it the the host of css crap I need to do… it sadly is not a click and go thing it seems…

hacked it! there you go vehka!

My designer eyes are reading the header as OPERATOR O/VE

@Spacetravelmadeeasy, ya lymtromics didn’t like the ‘N’. The type is something I found several years back. I think the kerning and tracking needs a little massaging too.

True that!

Great @dimi3, the categories are a really nice addition. Yeah, agree the /V is a bit wide… Other than that I really dig the banner.

…it´s nice…from my view of point there could be a little more guidance for the eyes…maybe try the op-colors to mark important things / labels…

(and avoid these dropshadows!) :wink:

by the way: thanks for putting this back!

@Laune exactly what I thought too, I tried to use those colors in the banner too. (I’m partially color blind)

@.@ to make that work OMG…@laune

I prefer the crud on the right, posts on the left.

We can vote, or we can leave it to the guy who spends his time maintaining this place for us to decide how he wants to arrange the furniture.

BTW, usually simpler, with fewer graphics loads faster, which these days means much more fun on cellphones. I see a bunch of aging phones and iPads out there, browsing gets harder every day, and on a site where you need to go back and forth a lot, light and spare is better.


I just realized that we have sections… MUCH better.

The banner looks nice. I prefer the categories on the right or bottom and newest content the first thing I see. I also liked a brighter color for unread posts. I’m sure I could get used to something new, just reminiscing about the ohpeewon days.

Personally I like the Categories being on the left.

Looks bit stark to me, not bad necessarily, but after awhile …
I like the categories on the left, otherwise I don’t notice 'em. Lol

I like the categories on the left too.

Looks great to me. Very clean and uncluttered and fast.