Looking for patches for the ITER synth!

@ludicrouSpeed Your patch sounds fine to me. Doesn't seem mangled. What do other patches sound like when you listen to them?

Hmmm, that’s good!

But right now, I can’t really get any patches to play on that website… No waveforms showing even… I tried chrome and safari.


Same here, weird…


op1.fun now has 6 patches:

3 by @MirEko
2 by @ludicrouSpeed
1 by @wavi

I’ll be adding two more at some point so that gives us a total of 8 patches. Then there’s still room for an additional set of 8 patches as the OP-1 fits a max of 16 presets per synth.

I think I’ll go ahead and start implementing the code required for adding new presets to the firmware. After that I’ll actually add our patches to the tool. I don’t see much point in voting for them as they all fit anyway. The first set will be called iter-patches-1. That way if more patches are submitted we can create more packs (iter-patches-2) and the user can choose which pack to use.

got one made modular style


Wow, it’s been over a year… but I’m back! Just wanted to let all of you know that I just released v0.2.1 of op1repacker and it now includes a mod with all the iter patches at op1.fun. So everyones patch should be in there :slight_smile:


Wow cool!