Looking for someone with OP-1 to work with on music video!

Hello everyone!

Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, (please move it to the appropriate one if need be)

I’m just trying to reach out to as many OP1 players out there who might see this as an interesting opportunity.

I’m looking for someone to film the graphics off their OP1 (which are amazing) and process individual parts of the song being used, so it is in sync with the video.

The graphics would be overlayed the final video. There is small budget, so this would be a paid job and credited in the video.

Please PM me if this is something you would be interested and I’ll explain more!

Thank you!!!

Give us some details of city location.
Anywhere for NW England then I’m in.

Hey there, this would be done via online really. Im in London UK. Do you want to PM me?

I’m not online at home all time and spend most of my valuable net time chatting here lol.
I’m old school ,so not for me…