Looking to buy an OP-1

If you are selling, I have a good budget so am very interested.

EDIT: I am in the UK

It would help your search if you posted your location :wink:

I’m going international buddi:)

New stock in the uk right now.

I dont think so:) where from?

Gak, Andertons, Juno.co.uk

My budget is about £625 so I cant afford one new:(

That’s fair enough.

Not that I like to push the credit option but are you in a position to consider putting down 50% deposit, use the rest of your funds as future instalments and save for the rest of the instalments? You’re really not that far off from affording a new one.

Or just stick to the original plan and forget I ever mentioned credit.


I quite like the idea of having no ties but thanks for your help. I guess I’m just going to kep scrolling through ebay etc to find some!

Juno will often knock about 10% off if you phone them and ask, worth a try!