Low B key is not triggering 😭 diy fix?

hi pals! Had my op-1 and Opie z out for the last night with my band, and was a lot of fun however I noticed a dreaded key failure.

The key feels normal, but is not triggering at all.

This is my second op-1, somebody tell me everything is going to be ok? :joy: and more importantly - is there any fix that you know of without sending it away, ideally without buying a new keyboard assembly.

pop the key off carefully and inspect
might just be dirty or gotten off its rocker

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The doctor is IN!

Thanks mate, I’ll try it!!!

the ifixit guide for the keyboard repair might help u visualize too if you’ve never popped a key off.

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I have! My first op1 rip

best of luck! fingers crossed for ya

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