Macbook Pro and iPad connectivity solutions

When I’m sitting on my couch, a lot of times I just want to plug in a USB cable and a single stereo 3.5mm cable into my iPad or Macbook Pro and use it as a midi controller/sound module with Max and various audio plugins.

Right now, I’m controlling the OP1 with iOS or Mac OS sequencers, but any sound from either Apple device has to be routed into the OP1 which I use as a mixer.
Apple have removed 3.5mm inputs from their newer Macbooks and the iPad never had an 3.5mm input to begin with.
1.) Does anyone know of a good, tiny USB solution for the Mac with a 3.5mm stereo input?
2.) Does anyone know of a tiny soundcard for the iPad that has a stereo 3.5mm input and a USB MIDI host jack?

I’ve looked for a bit, but was unsure if there was a cool, third-party solution I just couldn’t find.
I’m on my couch, so I’d rather just use something tiny so I don’t have another large addition to my “fun” setup.
Thanks in advance.

Someone at a different forum pointed me to this for my Macbook.

Now to solve the iPad problem.

Now to solve the iPad problem.

iPad + CCK 3 + USB Hub + the thingy you posted above?

Eh, maybe.

Yes, technically it does solve the problem, but it’s so much stuff.
I’m still kind of holding out for something that checks all the boxes in one unit.

Thanks for the suggestion, though.
I might just have to bite the bullet.


small video of how I did it here!